Xeno Biological Studies (Elite Dangerous)

An on-Going study into the xeno-biological remains, of an ancient civilization.

This is based upon xenological findings, in the game Elite Dangerous.

Though little is known about the exacts, of many of these plants, what is for certain is they are biological, making use of various forms of celestial radiation, and varied planetary geological events, for as of yet known processes. Though suspected by others’, of being resource gathering mechanisms, this view is rejected by this researcher in that, variation and placement, most assuredly does not equate to efficiency of function.

Planetary listed materials can be found in the different species, though all sites maintain the appearance corresponding with known materials, being dredged upwards, during the growth cycle; a not so rare occurrence of our own agriculture.

Due to the variation of types, and the patterns of their seeding, throughout the currently known boundaries of the ancient civilization, it would is more apt to view them as a staple versus miners.

Learning more about them, will allow us to learn more about the dietary requirements, and a glimpse into the world of their once thriving civilization.