Tell the Stories inside of you

Inside the blank pages lays a story- begging for pixel or ink to bring to fruition.

What prevents a person from telling that which is in their heart? As unique creatures, we are blessed with an innate creative nature. We have developed wonderful devices throughout the ages, to expedite our nightly or daily lives; individual circadian rhythm dependent.

 As a people we individually practice the art of telling a unique story- we share this unknowingly on a regular basis. All which is lacking is placing this in a more permanent form, where it can be shared for time immortal. We generate internal excuses for placing forward that which lives inside each of us. We never have time for that, forget, or the most common…afraid of rejection; the inward emotional attempt at guarding oneself against not receiving a neurological dopamine fix.

 Where one bias occurs is in failure equates to loss, outside of the reality where the act is the reward- regardless of acceptance or rejection. Placing oneself into the vulnerable position of telling the stories within each of us provides an addictive rush unto itself; positively re-wiring the writer into one of obtaining the courage to place themselves forward, and share their inner gems, so others’ become inspired, there-by brightening a literary world; which remains incomplete without our stories.

 Where another bias occurs is in self-defeat; believing incorrectly that oneself is not worthy of telling their stories, basing this upon works of others’ they have read throughout their lives. They will tell themselves internally they could never match up nor come close to those people, and there-by tear the blank page. This is a hazardous fallacy which bleeds over into other parts of their world, stopping oneself before the beginning, through false comparison.

 As individuals we should inspire those around us to share, to place their inner stories forward without fear or bias. To let each individual jewel sparkle, without comparison, and free one-another to experience true freedom, and tell the stories which is in each of us.

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