What a life is like without Television.

Freedom would encompass the entire experience, in a singular word- though this word does not convey the entire meaning. To a person, throughout my career, people were shocked to learn that no television in my house is used towards any main-stream series, nor following of any sports. The have been re-purposed as computer monitors, for a much larger developmental purpose; which requires no tin-foil hat.

There must be a confession towards feeling a minor amount of amusement when people double-blink upon learning this. It escapes them; a step outside of a comfortable norm. How could you not watch TV, how could you not follow sports, how is that even possible? Have heard a chorus of shocked responses- including a series of nervous jokes.

The transition was not easy, as the compulsion to not be a part of the norm once again, took focused effort- akin to loosing a life-long addiction. Over the course of a month the journey became easier, and with the passage of time, easier still- until one day it was gone. To see one in various stores, or in eating establishments, brings a smirk of knowing, that the tube was a trap; its’ jaws clenching on a mind, struggling to be set free.

Today’s series have been replaced with learning an eclectic range of interesting items- expanding horizons. Sports replaced with more cerebral pursuits; more than a few producing mild humor in their application.

The additional time gained, through the removal of the main-stream is one which can be filled with a lengthy myriad of pursuits. Working on various pet projects, learning, traveling, anything you can imagine. When you turn it off, and keep it off, other things begin to slowly turn on, until one day you look around and find yourself silently smiling, wondering what will awaken next?

Try it yourself, and hang on for the ride.