The lost art of gaming support and logistics

In the gaming community there exist a healthy amount of titles to choose from, and inside a large majority is the sub-game of support. This side goes unnoticed by many, gravitating towards the more instantly gratifying and exciting roles, without notice that the sub-game they have either not seen or ignored is even more challenging and entertaining.

In many ways art mimics life, and when you are running and gunning with your friends online, far too often you start to run out of supplies, or lack fire and medical support, and end up losing a match due to these inadequacies. The corner you are unable to secure, the lack of forward vision, running low on ammunition, unable to assault the next objective without taking large losses, these are when the lost art of gaming support and logistics shine.

Support and logistics can appear in many fashions, from direct support of operations, providing intelligence, supplies, medical, engineering, and fire-support services, through forward preparation of areas, to better serve a longer term strategy.

In the real-world this is known as the tooth to tail ratio or T3R for short. In a matter of art mimicking life, a force with a heavy tooth ratio, is not as effective as one with a balanced tail ratio –in the same way that a spear that is heavy on the point, does not fly effectively as one which is balanced; though the tip gets the glory, it never would have arrived without the tail.

Though certainly not as glamorous as being in the front ranks, the sub-game of supply and logistics can more often than not, bring more of a fight to an enemy than the tip. While it will not receive the glory of wining the match, it will be hard to win the match without it.