My world- after switching to Ubuntu Linux.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I had read and watched enough videos, on the benefits of switching to Linux. The more I watched and read, the stronger the passion became. In the far past I was an avid CP/M user; using the all-powerful Z80 CPU- we are talking the start of 1980s- last century for many. From there it was MSDOS and Windows98 after that.

For the previous year, up until a month ago, I had been using a Kindle Fire 10 HD with Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and an Epson WF-100 portable printer. I had achieved a nice interoperability between the Kindle Fire 10 HD, the Bluetooth devices, and both an Android and IPhone X. The WPS office software worked well, allowing me to port MS-Office and Excel documents back and forth. This setup worked extremely well in the field, though with time, more power was required than what the Kindle could initially provide.

As time would have it, I came into possession of a discarded Acer Aspire s3-391. After a little work, and battery replacement, the machine was up and running; though with a Windows 8 operating system, which caused more than a few grey-hairs. I re-read articles, and watched videos on what an Ubuntu Linux system would require, and the Aspire had the specifications.

Over a month ago the decision was reached to switch to Ubuntu Linux 18.04 distribution, and everything worked quick and nice, and no cost. Being a Linux system, I could change anything and literally everything I wanted or needed to, to fit the parameters of what I wanted, at no cost. I look around at the different desktop environments, media players, graphics editors, and office packages, and within the week the system was set, with everything in place. Complete interoperability had been obtained with the Aspire, Kindle Fire 10 HD, IPhone X, external mouse and keyboard, and Epson WF-100 printer. I could very literally take everything to go in a single small backpack, or set everything up in my vehicle, to do what I needed to do, and transport and transmit it, in a variety of ways.

in car interoperability with Ubuntu, IPhone X, Kindle Fire 10 HD, Epson WF-100

The LibreOffice package handled MSOffice files in a smart fashion, allowing me to work easily with them, and send them to those who worked with nothing but MS products, with no issues. GIMP and Krita worked very well for any graphics that were required, with people using Photoshop, able to read and interact with the graphics, without any issues. To date the only issue I have come across is what desktop environment I prefer to work in- there are many choices, where Windows you only get the one.

To be fair, I still maintain a laptop with Windows 10, though now it has been mostly relegated to free-time gaming, with the majority of everything else having been ported over to the Linux system. With the first month under my belt, I see nothing that would indicate a change of path from the current.

The only area of concern, that I have cautioned people on, was the use of the terminal. For many users, not use to the DOS era, this may present a small set-back, as they get use to typing in specific commands, though almost everything else is Windows-esque with Ubuntu.

Though I will digress, many who use Cinnamon desktop use the Linux Mint operating system; which is based on Ubuntu. As with most items, you can plug-play most of what you need. Cinnamon is the closest match to Windows, and thus easiest for those coming from Windows to use.

Should a person switch from Windows to Linux?
That is a question for the individual to decide. My own choice, (listed above), was due to necessity and system requirements of the computer I was blessed to obtain, for only the cost of a battery and a little time. Ubuntu Linux has worked far beyond expectations, and as mentioned earlier, there is nothing I have encountered which would cause me to abandon the decision. There has been no loss of productivity, and only time was required, to learn how to make certain things happen; which was time well spent. This time was spent watching and searching two YouTube channels, which aided immensely in narrowing the learning-curve- which are linked below. The “Chris Titus Tech” channel contains a Windows 10 area, which worked well, when applied to my Windows 10 laptop.

I would recommend watching those two channels, and reading various articles before making any personal decision. My own experience has been nothing but astronomically positive, though your own mileage may vary, depending on your own unique individual situation.

Chris Titus Tech

Bryan Lunduke

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